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Teacher Evaluation and Development

I have recently started a Master’s program at Western University. It has been very interesting to be involved in academic learning again. One of our last classes we discussed the Education Act, more specifically the Teacher Performance Appraisal. In this section of the Education Act, the role of teacher evaluation in the public and separate school system is clearly outlined. Although I am not going to go into detail about what that looks like; I would like to take this opportunity to explain how we encourage our teachers to reach their potential through evaluation and professional development.  

For starters, our school is in a constant state of teacher evaluation and development. I will be evaluating each of our teachers a minimum of three times this year. That evaluation includes classroom observation, followed by a meeting and suggestions for professional development or collaboration with other experts in order to continue our growth as teachers. I believe that regular evaluation and open discussion about teaching practices keeps our staff focused on the job they are doing with our students. We also attend several professional development workshops and conferences each year, as well as coursework or workshops over the summer. But more than that, we support each other in staff meetings which are designed to encourage collaboration and growth by focusing on our school and the practice of teaching. We regularly work together to improve our practices and sharpen each other. And I am excited to say that we will continue to foster and develop a professional community that works well together at STCCS.  

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