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Everyone has heard the saying "it takes a village to raise a child.” But what does that actually look like? What does that mean for a school? Now, I should clarify, that I am not trying to limit or overlook the importance of family. STCCS has always worked hard to partner with parents in order to educate children. We believe fundamentally that raising children is family business. However, we do work extremely hard to partner with parents in the goal of raising educated Christians. So, back to the original questions. What does it look like to participate in a village that works together to "raise” a child? Well, let me describe our morning on November 5, 2014. In addition to the regular teaching that happens at our school, we had two adults (a support teacher and an occupational therapist) in one of our classrooms helping students for the morning. We had two adults reading and working with several of our students who struggle with literacy. We had a different adult (a retired teacher) working on Math with a handful of our students. One of our teachers was preparing for a class trip that parent helpers will join and help out with. A speech pathologist worked with a couple of our students. And, a volunteer was in this morning in order to run our grocery program in order to raise funds for our school. The crazy thing is, this is not an unusual day at our school! Our village is regularly helping us with our students. It is my belief that education should include an engaged community, which participates in the task of educating students at our school in appropriate ways, so that every child is cared for and has their needs met. It is an extremely lofty goal, and we aren’t 100% there yet, but I think we are getting close and that is so exciting!

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