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I thought Jesus was always powerful?

Last night, after dinner, my daughter asked if she could pick a story from the Bible to read. I said "sure" and she proceeded to pick the story of the crucifixion of Jesus. As she handed me the children's bible, she said "Daddy, I thought Jesus was always powerful." She didn't understand how it was possible that Jesus could have been beaten, was too weak to carry the cross, and was killed. I tried to explain to her, in four-year-old's language, that Jesus choose to be weak and die for us to save us. I tried to start at the beginning by explaining that Jesus came into the world as a baby... That was as far as we got. She couldn't believe it. Jesus, the Son of God, a baby? That was too much for her. Our youngest was born in June and it is hard for my daughter to imagine that Jesus, the Son of God, was like her baby sister. Later that evening, I was thinking about that. I actually believe that my daughter has it right. Jesus, the Son of God, a baby? That is unbelievable! As we enter this Christmas season, I think it is important to join my daughter in wonder at the amazing gift of Christmas: Christ, the Son of God, born a baby in a manger in Bethlehem.
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