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To Know and Serve

Recently, as part of our strategic plan, STCCS has updated it’s Mission statement. It is now:

To know and serve every student, encouraging them to reach their God-given potential.

I am very excited about this statement and our staff has been working very hard to accomplish it. Typically in education, a school functions in a way that prioritizes the curriculum over everything else, making it the focus point of education.  Now, obviously curriculum is important and we continue to focus on delivering it to the best of our ability; however, I believe that a Christian Education should prioritize the Lord and the call that we have to “love one another.”  With this calling in mind, I   believe that it is our responsibility to put our students first... to make  caring for them, and discipling them, our top priority.  At STCCS, we are dedicated to getting to know who our students are and what makes them tick.  Armed with that knowledge, we strive to serve each student, through education, in a way that will benefit them and help them to reach their God-given potential.


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