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Love Required

The first characteristic that is prioritized in our Vision Statement is “engagement." We want our school to be an “engaged school community." I believe that a community of this nature calls for the following three key requirements:

1.    Love 
2.    Commitment
3.    Action

In this post, I intend to address the love requirement. Rarely has anyone said, “Wow, that was really engaging, but I don't really like it.”  In order to be engaged with something, we must love it and love it deeply. Our staff, our parents, our students, and our community need to love STCCS because of whom and what we stand for.  STCCS isn’t perfect, and most-likely never will be, but we do prioritize Christ.  We love our children and we believe deeply in the value of a Christ-centered education.

Ultimately, being an engaged community is about being a community that loves what our school is all about. As I said earlier, we aren't perfect; but, thankfully, we serve a perfect Saviour and it is our goal to glorify Him in all that we do. If that is something that you love about STCCS, you have taken the first step in being an engaged community member.

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