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Developing Christian Leaders

Christian Leadership has always been a necessity in our world. Strong pastors, solid teachers, and loving parents have always been required to lead the next generation of Christians along the path of righteousness. At St. Thomas Community Christian School, we ask the question: `Why stop there?"  We believe that Christian leadership is needed in politics, in the field of technology, in the business world, on the job site and anywhere else people come together. Too often news reports are filled with stories about corruption, immorality, hatred and sin. We believe that our job as Christians is to fill our world with God's grace and love.  We need to be "the light of the world" (Matthew 5:14). At STCCS, we educate our students accordingly. We strive to prepare them for their future roles in our communities and equip them with traits that will give them the confidence and ability to use their skills to lead others in a Christian manner. We encourage them to shine their lights in a confident and God-glorifying way.

In September, we began our Leadership Program. This is a school wide program that focuses on eight "pillars" of leadership that we believe will help mold our students into strong Christian leaders. We are not suggesting that everyone needs to become the next Prime Minister of Canada; we simply want to encourage our students to find their God-given strengths and use those strengths to positively affect the world around them. We are striving to encourage integrity, work ethic, character and competence. The eight pillars contribute to educating the heart of our students as well as their minds. Each pillar intentionally begins with "I will."  Our staff chose to do that because we want our students to proactively seek out God's will for their lives and not simply react to what is happening around them. The eight pillars are:

1. I will be discerning
2. I will begin with the end in mind
3. I will set priorities
4. I will seek justice
5. I will be a listener
6. I will contribute in community
7. I will respect my body
8. I will extend grace

Although this program is in its first year, we have already experienced many benefits. Many of our students have seen how God has gifted them and have blossomed in leadership roles in chapel, students' council, on sports teams and in many other ways. We know there is always room to grow, but we feel that this year has been a wonderful start for the program. We look forward to seeing God's hands at work in our students' lives as they strive to follow his will and boldly lead our next generation of Christians.
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