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Andrea Fraser, Junior Kindergarten

I am excited to be the Junior Kindergarten teacher here at STCCS. I have my degree in Child and Youth Studies Concurrent Education from Brock University and I have been teaching for 8 years. I started my teaching career in St. Catharines, where I taught for seven years. While there, I also had the opportunity to write science curriculum for the Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools as well as lead teacher workshops about reading assessment and strategies. In addition to teaching and curriculum development, my passions are art, travelling, and photography.

I really enjoy teaching young children. I love to provide creative experiences where they can try new things and learn more about God's world and their place in it. My goal is to value the students' God-given strengths and allow them various opportunities to make meaning of their experiences in a way that makes sense to them. When students are given opportunities to create, in whatever capacity this entails, the learning experience becomes personal and meaningful.

In the JK classroom we explore God's creation, our place in it, and the abilities God has given each of His children. We will learn to:

       - Rely on truths from God's Word,
       - Communicate with God through prayer and worship
       - Live and learn in community in a way that honours God.
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