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Barb VandenBrink, Senior Kindergarten Teacher

I am blessed to be a wife and mother.  As a family, we enjoy playing sports in the driveway and traveling to different places.  We are fortunate to have traveled to P.E.I., New York City, and several beautiful places in Ontario.  At the moment my hobbies include exercising, working with our Youth Praise Team at church, some coaching, and spending time at the hockey arena and on the basketball court encouraging our own children in their interests.  I am passionate about Christian education and am thrilled that it has been a big part of my life as employment and in my children's lives in their education.  We experience growth in our relationship with Jesus as we hear of Him often and as we are reminded of His love for us. 

We sing a lot in Senior Kindergarten!  One of my favourite musicians is Steve Green because his lyrics are verses from the Bible set to catchy and easy to learn tunes.  When I reflect on my philosophy of Christian Education, I think of one of his songs.  It is taken from Proverbs 22:6, "Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it."  What is this "way" that he/she should go? I believe that children must know that they are disciples in the Kingdom of God.  And so as a teacher, I want to guide them in deepening their faith and encourage them to pray continually.  I want them to learn about God's world, see His magnificence through it, and have a desire to be caretakers of what He has given us.  Furthermore, my prayer is that they will learn the necessary skills to live in His world and use them in a God glorifying way.  Being a disciple means making decisions with a discerning heart and making it obvious that we are image bearers of God.  Lastly, I want them to discover their gifts and do all they can to reveal God's glory in them. 


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