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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who sends their children to St. Thomas Community Christian School?

is no such thing as a typical St. Thomas Community Christian School family. Our students include the children of farmers, teachers, electricians, retailers, doctors, carpenters, mechanics, secretaries, and engineers. Our families worship at a variety of local churches.

As STCCS families it is our desire to educate our children in a Christian environment, an environment that shares the values and beliefs taught in the home.

2. Who runs the school?

The school is operated by the St. Thomas Community Christian School Society. The school Society elects a Board of Directors, which sets the policies for the school's operation and hires the staff.

3. Is STCCS accredited?

Yes, STCCS is registered with the Ontario Ministry of Education. STCCS is also a member of, but not accredited by, three supporting organizations, the Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools (OACS), Christian Schools Canada (CSC) and Christian Schools International (CSI).

4.  Are the teachers qualified?

All teachers are members of the Ontario Christian School Teachers Association and/or the Ontario College of Teachers. The teachers have Education degrees from accredited universities in Canada or the United States. Police checks have been submitted as per Board policy.

5. Do students participate in standardized testing?

The Canadian Test of Basic Skills, a national standardized testing program is administered every other year to grades three through eight. Parents are welcome to review the results of these tests, to determine areas for their child to work on, and to review the school's overall performance as well. Past results have shown that our students on average test above their grade standard as compared to the Canadian schools across the country that have participated in the testing.

6. When students graduate from grade eight, can they transfer to another school?

Absolutely. Students can easily transfer to other schools, as the curriculum at STCCS meets provincial guidelines and requirements.

7. What is the cost of tuition?

The tuition charge is based on grade level and the number of children in the family. For a copy of the most recent tuition grid, please call the school's office at 519 633 0690.

 8. Do you have a dress code?

Yes, we do. The dress code is based on Christian standards of modesty and neatness. This policy is enforced by the Principal and approved by the Board of Directors.

9. I am interested in being involved and helping out at the school. What opportunities are available to me?

There are many opportunities: parents may chaperone a field trip, help with special events, give assistance to students who are struggling academically, work in the library, and in many other areas. You may also want to be involved in a committee. Committees include Facilities, Fundraising, Transportation, Finance, Program, Development, Business Engagement and Technology.

10. Does the school offer any extra-curricular activities?

Yes, the school offers a sports program. Sports teams include volleyball, basketball, soccer, cross-country, badminton, and track and field.  We also participate in Battle of the Books which is a reading competition.  We also provide our students with an opportunity to develop their musical abilities through private lessons and by joining one of our praise and worship teams.

11. What school educational programs do you offer?

We offer Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Bible, Physical Education, Health Education, Music, Band, French, and Art. Complete details of the curriculum are available in the Curriculum Handbook located in the school's office.

We also offer a library, computers in every classroom, computer lab/music room, gymnasium, and a well-equipped playground.

12. How do parents keep informed?

A weekly newsletter is sent home to each family, outlining major assignments and important dates. This newsletter also includes a report from the principal, and a short note from each teacher summarizing what will be covered in the coming week in each classroom.

13. How long has the school been in operation?

The school has been in operation since 1961.

14. How can I find out more?

A complete information package is available from the school. We encourage students and parents to come to the school for a tour and to meet with our principal, Jason Schouten.
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