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                                                                Jason Schouten, Principal

I am happily married to my wife, Karen, and have been blessed with two wonderful children: Lucy and Miles. We have lived on both the east coast (Antigonish and Halifax, NS) and west coast (Maple Ridge, BC) of Canada. I really like playing and coaching sports, particularly running and basketball. And, whether it is hiking, portaging, or camping, I enjoy being outdoors.  I also thoroughly enjoy traveling and have been fortunate to visit Holland, France, Hawaii, and Mexico as well as many places in North America.




     My Philosophy on Christian Education:

 The true light, which enlightens everyone, was coming into the world.

He was in the world, and the world was made through him, yet the world

did not know him.  He came to his own, and his own people did not receive

him.  But to all who did receive him, who believed in his name, he gave the

right to become children of God         (John1: 9-13)


 I believe that this passage defines five fundamental aspects of my philosophy of Christian Education:

 First, God is the way to true knowledge and enlightenment. God, the true light, is an intellectual guide for us.  Therefore, Christian education requires God.  Education doesn't simply benefit from God, it is dependent on God.  We cannot do it ourselves. 

                Second, God is in everything.  Therefore, Christian education must be centered on God.  I believe that we can see God in the intricacies of our world.  I don't believe that when we watch a flower grow we should simply acknowledge the chemical processes at work, or when we study history write off events as unrelated and chaotic.  It is paramount that when we study our world we see God's hand at work in it.  I believe that our world belongs to God completely. 

                Third, in spite of everything God has done and made, our world does not know Him.  It is critical that Christian Education is a lighthouse in our world.  Furthermore, it is our responsibility to raise children with a knowledge that is rooted in God so that they too can help the world know Him. 

                Fourth, God calls us to community.  I believe that Christian Education must develop a true sense of community in its students.  I believe that God called us to serve each other and by doing that we grow as part of a community; a community that is co-dependent not independent.  When we learn to support each other with love, I believe that we learn to be truly Christian.

                Fifth, as "children of God," we were made in the image of God.  I believe that it is essential to Christian Education that we understand that our students are image bearers of the true God.

Interesting Facts:

I have coached Basketball at the University, Provincial and High school levels

Ice cream is my all-time favourite food

I am scared of heights, but have managed to hike up several different mountains (Brandywine, the Black Tusk, Whistler and `The Chief` in Squamish to name a few).

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