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                                                                                   Rachel DeWaal, Grade 2 Teacher

Displaying IMG_7375.jpgI teach grade one and two at STCCS, and also enjoy leading student council and participating in a variety of committees within our school community.  We have a ton of fun in grade one and two.  We have enjoyed celebrating the 50th day of school, the 100th day of school, Valentines Day, the lead-up to Christmas and other fun days that have come up.

I am currently one course away from becoming a reading specialist and I plan to complete that course this summer.  Once complete, I look forward to taking on the role of Literacy Specialist at STCCS.  Previously, I have completed a course on the Four Blocks Program.  I strongly believe in professional development and have worked with Edifide to organize our annual Teacher's Convention and recently have also led a course on Internet Use in the Classroom.

I grew up in Lindsay, Ontario and later moved to Stratford, where I went to high school.  I had always known that I wanted to be a teacher and was excited to attend Redeemer University in Ancaster for my teaching degree.  After five years of school, I was thrilled to accept a job at Alliston Community Christian School where I taught grades one through eight in different capacities.  After two years, I felt God was leading me to STCCS.  The road to my teaching career has been amazing, and I feel incredibly blessed to teach at a Christian School where faith is an integral part of the curriculum and life in the school.


Philosophy of Christian Education

I believe that the ultimate objective of education is to uncover truth.  God is truth.  Truth should be transmitted to our students.  Education should begin in the home, and should develop both in the church and the school.  It is critical to have a Christian Education in order to develop a Christian foundation for our students as they go into the world.  As a Christian School teacher, it is my aim to help students develop this foundation; a worldview that enables them to understand, appreciate, and live a Christian life in God's world.  I strive to be a guide and resource for my students.  It is my goal to facilitate learning.  I intend to exemplify what I teach and pray that I will be spirit-filled every day in order to accomplish these goals.

Furthermore, I believe that the classroom is a community that requires the work of all members to maintain its effectiveness and positive atmosphere.  I believe that all members of the classroom are equal as learners.  As such, it is important to treat each individual accordingly.  All students are unique and learn in different ways.  I strive to know students personally as well as academically. 



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