Elementary School
Elementary School | St. Thomas Community Christian School

The Elementary Division of St. Thomas Community Christian School is hosted at our North Campus (77 Fairview).  All of our Kindergarten to Grade 5 students are welcomed into classrooms and greeted by teachers who genuinely care about how God designed them as individuals.  Directed by our mission (To know and serve every student, encouraging them to reach their God-given potential), our teachers spend time learning about each child very intentionally in order to walk with students as they discover their God-given potential.  Students work together to solve problems, work with their hands, explore open-ended questions, and learn through active play.  Working mainly with their homeroom teacher, students explore the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum from a Biblical worldview.  Specialist subjects, such as Physical Education, Music, and French, are taught by teachers dedicated to those subject areas. Our North Campus is a dynamic, positive environment that powerfully fosters the growth of our students.