Middle School
Middle School | St. Thomas Community Christian School

Our vibrant Middle School is a hub of activity.  We are intentional about training our students to lead and serve, always aiming to pursue excellence for God's glory.  Our Grade 5-8 students are placed in homeroom teams with a teacher who works to know and serve them as individuals.  Homeroom teachers aim to develop a discipleship relationship with each student, and walk alongside as a mentor and coach during these formative years.  Our unique model for curriculum delivery allows students the opportunity to work with all students at their grade level as well as a variety of teachers with subject-specific passions and skills.  This is a model that powerfully balances high expectations for curriculum mastery with the need for community and relationship.


In an effort to maintain our students’ high level of motivation to learn and engagement with their work, we have created a model that puts each student at the centre of their own education.  Although we provide our students with an abundance of support, we choose to walk along side them as they learn and encourage them to take on the responsibility of their personal academic growth and spiritual development.  We believe in giving our students options and allowing them to make choices concerning where they do their best work, how they do their best work, while focusing on what they are passionate about.  Keeping these options available to our students makes their education relevant, meaningful and authentic.  Students are not propped up by the school, but encouraged to move forward on their own two feet in a way that builds their confidence and prepares them for their next steps in the “real” world.  We strongly believe that “the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline” (2 Timothy 1:7).  We challenge our students to be brave and pursue their education with courage, pursuing their God-given potential with perseverance.