Secondary School
Secondary School | St. Thomas Community Christian School

This is high school, reimagined!  STCCS prioritizes discipleship and student engagement by pursuing deep and genuine relationships and an authentic learning experience.

Our Discipleship Model is our way of reinventing high school.  Following the example of Christ - the Ultimate Teacher - we are setting up our school to allow lots of time to get connected.  We’re going to work in smaller groups, with independent modules and creative assignments tailored to your skills and interests.  Whole-class seminars will take place weekly, but you’ll have a lot of time to direct your learning.  Here’s how it works.

Every morning, students meet with a small group for Bible study, accountability, and prayer.  This daily meeting will also be their spot to receive information from their different course leaders, feedback from instructors, and any special announcements they'll need.  From there, students set up a plan for their day, run it by their Teacher Advisor for feedback, and then jump right in.